Pearl Riverwalk – Portrait Locations

Pearl Riverwalk

Over the years, I’ve had people ask me to recommend different locations around the San Antonio area for portraits. This blog is part of that series where I show you, and give you my opinions on the different portrait locations I’ve used.

Everyone knows about the Riverwalk in San Antonio: Or the “Paseo del Rio”. All the tourists go there. It’s a visual smorgasbord. When I first moved to San Antonio 10 years ago, I hung out there. The restaurants, the musicians, there’s just an energy about the Riverwalk. One word always comes up, and that’s CROWDED. I think I went to the downtown Riverwalk area once on an EARLY Sunday morning, and it was perfect for photography. No throngs of tourists.

The part of the Riverwalk that I like to use for portraits is the newest, and less-known area known as the Pearl Riverwalk District. This is where the Riverwalk begins. It’s near the old Pearl Brewery, and parking is easy here. I usually like to meet at the La Gloria restaurant (an incredible place to eat) and go from there. There’s water, trees, incredible buildings in the background, and if you go up to the street level, there’s some interesting graffiti buildings nearby. There is no fee to do photography here, and it’s usually not crowded, even on weekend evenings. This is a perfect location for engagement portraits!

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