San Antonio Wedding Questions


So, are you professional? With insurance and fancy cameras?

No, I use a cell phone, and I live in a Volkswagon van. Just kidding. I have insurance, fancy cameras, and I own a tux. Totally pro.

How do we ‘GET’ our photos after the wedding?

I have carrier pigeons and a fleet of drones that drop them in your yard. No, I will ship a USB flash drive with all the photographs to you. But don’t think I haven’t thought about the drone thing… I’m working on it.

Can I send you some ideas on Pinterest?

Some photographers hate Pinterest, but I love it. Pinterest is one of those things where you sit down to look at one thing, and six hours later, you’re still looking at pictures. More addictive than Heroin, that Pinterest. Seriously, if you fall in love with a cute picture on Pinterest, save it to your wedding board, and share it with me. I’ll do what I can to put my spin on it, and make it uniquely yours. But let’s be realistic, if you send me a board with 150 cute pictures… there’s a good possibility that I may not get them ALL done. Reasonable effort will be made. This is my Pinterest

What is your favorite thing to photograph at weddings?

Emotion. RAW, pure EMOTION. I love it when I zoom in on the grooms face as he sees his bride for the first time, and his eyes become a little misty in love. I love the look of a mother as she helps her daughter get her dress ready. I love to catch the laugh when the bridesmaid gives an embarrassing toast with a good story about the bride. Those little looks that a bride and groom share during the reception when they think no one is watching. My shutter is going.

What about Engagement Session?

YES! Most couples don’t have anything other than cell phone pictures of the two of them, and years after the wedding, the selfies just won’t do the trick. An engagement session is a great way for the two of you to get some cute romantic pictures, and get to know your photographer. Pick a date, and we’ll spend the afternoon and evening shooting. Bring a bottle of your favorite wine! I’ll email you some suggestions on locations, and ideas on what to wear. Here’s my portfolio on Engagement Sessions

We are ready to book you. Now what?

Very Cool! If you are in the area, let’s meet for coffee and talk about your wedding. I will draw up and then email you the contract. I can invoice you through Paypal, or I can take a deposit with a credit card when we meet. The normal deposit is $200 to secure your date. The balance is due the week before the wedding.

My uncle Bob has a nice camera, we’re thinking about letting him do our wedding

I’m sure uncle Bob will be thrilled. One of the things I love about my clients is that they come to me because they know the value of photography in the most important day of your life. These are pictures that you, your children, and your grandchildren will be looking at for generations.
Everyone has an Uncle Bob with a camera. Tell him to bring his camera for the reception. Just… don’t get in my way.

We’re thinking about having the wedding in Cancun Mexico, can you photograph it there?

Si’  I’m your huckleberry….

Do we have to buy prints from you?

You can buy prints directly from the online gallery, and they’ll be shipped to you in about 3 business days, but you can get prints at the local Walgreens if you’d like. I’ll give you a print release that says you can have them printed wherever you like… even Walmart. Seriously don’t take your wedding photographs to be printed at Walmart… their quality… uh… sucks. I’m not kidding.

Do we have to feed you at our wedding?

No, but since I’m diabetic, there’s a distinct possibility that I will fall over. Seriously, most of our clients feed me and my second shooter, and it keeps us energized and feeling great. If not, then we will probably order a pizza and take a break. It’s best if we eat when the bride and groom sit down to eat, that way we don’t miss something.

I read somewhere that we should request the RAW images. Can we do that?

Asking a photographer for RAW images is like asking the cake baker to bring over some batter, and a bowl of fondant. Shooting your wedding is only HALF of what you paid me to do! The other half is spent in evenings in front of the computer where I remove the photographs where Aunt Sandie is blinking, the ring bearer was eating boogers, or the bride had her mouth open when I took the shot. Then there are misfires, duplicates, unflattering body position, and removing that ugly red EXIT sign over the door. For each hour that I spend shooting, there are two hours of editing. You will get all the photographs that are perfect. Giving a client RAW, unedited images is just not something that I do.

Do you have albums?

YES! I’m a big believer in albums. They become family heirlooms. I will bring some of my album work to show you at our meeting. They are beautiful and awesome. You can add an album to any package, or you can get an album as a special anniversary gift in the future!

Can I post your photos on Facebook?

Of course! It always makes me feel good when I see a client posting one of my photos on social media. My one and only favor I ask is that you tag me, and give me a little credit like “Photograph by Richard Spears”

What happens if you die?

It could happen. I’m a part of an incredible network of very talented photographers, many of whom are personal friends, and they would not hesitate to step in and help out if I suddenly assume room temperature.

How many photographs do you take?

A lot. On average, my clients receive 400 to 800 images from an 8 hour wedding.

How long before I get to see my wedding pictures?

San Antonio Weddings Magazine once called me “The fastest editor in San Antonio”. I have it in my contract that you will have the images on your online gallery, edited, within 7 days of the wedding. Usually, I will have them ready faster than that.