All Portrait Sessions for First Responders are HALF PRICE


That’s not a mistake, or spam, or even suspicious. I’ve been a first responder (police officer) for over 30 years. I love doing police and firefighter portraits. If you are a full-time police officer or firefighter, your portrait session is half price.

I believe that First Responders deserve a break. I also believe that most of our families would love to have an “action” photograph of us in uniform, but being the modest types, we don’t take a lot of pictures like that.  All you have to do is contact me by clicking HERE and set up your appointment.

Wedding Photography for Officers and Firefighters is half off. Always



The portraits you see are examples of “composite” photography.  The portrait of the firefighter was taken in a firehouse kitchen.  I then composited it with a photograph of a burned house, and edited it so that the color tones and shadows matched.  If you want a boring portrait in front of a backdrop with a flag, I can do that too, but I’d rather create a gritty, edgy, action image.

K9 Chak in the Photoshop Edit