Family Session

Family Session with R Spears Photography

Once upon a time, in my childhood years, in Hereford Texas, I remember my mother reminding me and my little brother that it was time for our yearly Family Session portrait. We would dress up, and go to the Angel Photography Studio. The Angels were a photography team. They lived in the studio, or rather, they had a portion of their home converted as a studio. I could always smell the odor of the chemicals used for developing film. They had a big medium format camera. Big studio strobes. And we would pose for our family session portrait.

I’ve told that story, lots of times. Now it’s fifty years later, and people tell me they don’t do that anymore. Everyone has a cell phone camera, and they take family memories with their cell phones. I think that’s a little sad. We don’t seem to VALUE the family portrait the way we used to. I hope that changes, and I hope that by reading this, it shows that you value your family portraits too. A wise man once said, you’ll never look like this ever again.  It’s true.  Your children will never look just this way, ever again.  Twenty years from now, will you be content to look at your kids pictures on your phone? There’s a prominent spot on your wall that needs a framed family portrait.


I hope that you’ll consider a Family Session with R Spears Photography. We make it easy and affordable.  Our portrait studio comes to you. We can do your portraits in a field of bluebonnets or a park, or your backyard.  Family Sessions are $150 per hour and in thirty minute increments after the first hour. I try to schedule family sessions on Saturday mornings or Sundays. Please Contact me to schedule your portrait session for your family.  See my availability calendar to see what days I’m available: