Your Engagement Session

What the Heck is an Engagement Session?

So you’ve booked the venue, and just hired your photographer (Me!) and the photographer has mentioned an “Engagement Session”? In the past, Engagement Photos were used in the couple’s announcement, wedding invitations, or Save the Date cards. They are informal, casual, sometimes playful photographs of the couple. These days, when a couple become engaged, the only pictures they have of the two of them are cell phone snapshots. And let’s be honest, you probably don’t want to make a 5×7 print of a cell phone picture and fame it on the nightstand.  We don’t always look our best in those cell phone self-pics. Engagement photographs are great for having some photographs to decorate the home and office.

So, How Does This Work?

The engagement session can be scheduled any time that’s convenient.  Traditionally, if you are going to use them for invitations or save-the-date cards, you’ll want to do them more than six months before the wedding. Just contact your photographer, and see when he or she has an opening for the session.  The session will last from an hour to two hours.

What To Wear

This is one of those times when you want your clothes to reflect your style and personality. Be yourself. Unless yourself only wears gym shorts and Krocs, then you’ll want to be the person you’ve always wanted to be.


You know what you look your best in. Wear that dress that makes you feel fabulous. Be flirty, sassy, and attitude. What would you wear if it were the most important romantic date of your life? Wear something that your fiancee loves to see you wear! Something that makes him say “Wow” every time he sees you, and brings out that smile.

Color: Since some of the photographs will be outdoors, wear colors that will be complimentary to the greens and garden colors. Peach, cream, beige, and light earth tones make excellent colors to wear.  White always looks good, but avoid black. Aqua, turquoise, and plum are also colors that will pop!

Mix it up, and bring several outfits. You could start out with casual shorts or Capri pants, and then switch to a dress. Put some flowers in your hair, but don’t wear a hat.


The key for guys is to wear something that is comfortable, and fits your personality. Be comfortable but look good for your lady.  Your college sweatshirt might be your favorite thing to wear on the weekends, but unless it’s her favorite thing to see you in, wear something a little nicer. Being in South Texas, the most common outfit for guys are well fitting jeans, dressy shirt and boots, but that’s all up to you. Once again, the question is, “What does SHE like to see you wear?” Even though you may love to wear your cowboy hat or ball cap, hats put a big shadow over your eyes, and affect the way your hair will look. It’s usually best to leave the hat at home. Avoid shirts with large logos or lettering.

Color: wear shades of blue, brown, grey, or white.

Do NOT Dress Alike

It was a popular trend in the 80’s to have the couple wear the same color shirt, but not anymore.

Fun Stuff You Might Want To Bring

  • Chalk board – Great to write your wedding date on
  • Grandma’s quilt – or similar memento from family
  • Anything related to your hobby, guitar, banjo, Cosplay, sword
  • Your DOG!

paintball engagementWhere is This Done?

I like to use locations that mean something to the couple.  The location of your first date, your favorite restaurant, your favorite park.  I once had a couple who enjoyed hunting and fishing. We took over the Bass Pro Shoppe for 2 hours after closing. Wanna ride rollercoasters? I’m down for that. If you don’t have any ideas, I have several locations that I love to use that give us great backgrounds.


engagement session walking down path of love engagement session in Dallas Engagement Session at Landa Park in New Braunfels Engagement session on family farm in New Braunfels Texas Sunset engagement session at Jahnsen Ranch in Bulverde Texas Romantic moment during engagement session at Canyon Lake Texas Love in the grass engagement shot at Cibolo Nature Center in Boerne Texas