Save The Date Cards

Save the Date Cards. This is something that seems to be less popular over the years with engaged couples, and it is a shame. For those of you who do not know what Save the Date cards are, it is a card that is mailed out traditionally about 6 months from the date of the wedding so that people can plan to attend. These are different from the formal invitations that usually require an RSVP.  Formal invitations are usually printed on expensive linen card stock, and elaborately decorated. Formal Invitations are usually mailed 6 weeks from the wedding date.

The fun and cool thing about Save the Date Cards, is that they usually contain photographs of the engaged couple, from the engagement session.  Many times, this will be a guest’s first look at the couple together. “Hey Gloria! Look at this guy that our niece is going to marry!!”

The BEST thing about the Save The Date Cards is that the design is FREE!! Let me know that you’re interested when we do your engagement session, and I’ll put your photos into some of my designs, and you can take the designs to any print shop to have your cards made. The video says that cards cost around a dollar each, but I’ve found that if you shop around, you can find really good deals on printing your 5×7 cards.