Philosophy of Energy

Philosophical Energy.

It’s time to get a little deep.  I believe that everything in our world is made up of energy. In that world, there are two kinds: positive and negative. We can also call it light and dark, or good and bad. Most people on an average day will experience both kinds. Positive energy are the good things, good feelings and positive attitudes that you receive AND project on to others.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say that you go to work on a Monday, and you’re just not feeling it. Maybe you’re stressed over something, didn’t get enough sleep, and got stuck in traffic. By the time you make it to work, you have a cloud of negative energy around you. Then your boss calls you into the office, and gives you a compliment or an “atta-boy” on a job well done. Energy of Philosophy from the movie Office SpaceA few minutes later, another co-worker compliments you on some clothing that you’re wearing. Suddenly your mood is improving, and you’re feeling more refreshed and positive. Then your phone rings, and someone is having a problem, and within minutes you are able to help that person and the problem is solved. Now your positive energy is flowing strong, and you’ve just transmitted some of that energy to the person you helped on the phone.

We all know that one person who is a bundle of nothing but dark, negative energy. They are always mad, upset, and they hate their life. They go to work, at a job they hate. They hate their supervisor, and they hate the copy machine (okay, obscure joke reference to Office Space ) If you talk to them, they are likely to spew hatred at you. Everything to them is an argument. Everything is a battle, and they must win every battle. They are constantly looking for happiness, not realizing that they will never find it because of their nature. Let’s call these people “Dark Souls”.

The answer, you’d think, is to just completely avoid these Dark Souls. Focus on the positive energy, and just be good, and good to other people. It’s not that easy or even plausible. You see, I believe, we all have this duality within us. We have light and dark within us. Sometimes we experience the positive, and sometimes we get into negative energy that just won’t stop. Each of the forms of energy, is dependent on the other. They balance each other out. You cannot have a person who is 100% positive energy.  And while it sometimes seems like they are everywhere, even those negative dark souls have positive energy within them.

Philosophy of Energy and Star TrekThe Chinese call it Yin and Yang. Strangely enough, there is an old episode of Star Trek that talks about this.  The episode is called The Enemy Within. A malfunction on the ship’s transporter, splits the captain into two men: One who is meek, happy, and positive. The other is violent, angry, and belligerent. The writer, Richard Matheson brilliantly shows how the light and dark within us, depends on the other to keep us balanced.

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