Bridal Portraits in San Antonio

San Antonio Wedding Bridal Portrait at Gruene Estates

Bridal Portraits are Tradition!

I’ve had several clients who aren’t sure about bridal portraits, and wanted more explanation about the need for them. Here in the South, it’s a wedding tradition to photograph the bride in her dress, so that the formal portrait can be unveiled and displayed at the wedding. I’ve had brides ask “Can’t we just do a portrait on the day of the wedding?” Of course we can, but remember that on your wedding day, things will be hectic. There will be a time crunch to make sure the bride’s hair, make-up, and dress are perfect in time for the ceremony, and sometimes schedules run late on the wedding day. If we schedule a portrait session several weeks before the wedding, we get to take our time, and meticulously get everything in the portrait perfect. In this way, you’ll have a portrait that you’ll be proud to hang in your home for generations to come. Be sure and check my portfolio of bridal portraits by clicking here:

Location for Bridal Portrait

I have lots of clients who know where they want their bridal portraits taken at. I sometimes have brides that ask me for my opinion on a good location for the bridal portrait.

My natural reflex answer would be, I can create a beautiful bridal portrait in the parking lot of Taco Bell. It’s all about the woman, and the dress. The background is not THAT important. Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating about Taco Bell. But not much. Regardless, I’ve put together my list of my favorite locations for bridal portraits:

Historic Mission San Jose website link Since the mission is a national historical landmark, bookings are done through the National Parks Service Ranger Station. There is a fee, and they close at 5pm. Still, it’s one of the most beautiful locations in San Antonio, and some of the bridal portraits I’ve taken there are in the slideshow of my webpage.

Most of the venues above charge a photography fee, and the booking must be made well in advance. If you call, make sure they understand you’re wanting a place for your bridal portrait. The manager at Lost Mission, Sarah is a friend of mine… if you call Lost Mission be sure and tell her that I’m your photographer.

There are a few locations where I’ve done some very pretty bridal portraits that are open to the public and don’t charge a fee:
Denman Estate Google Images Link
Landa Library – Originally a 1900 mansion, beautiful landscaping. Very pretty – FREE
Riverwalk – Pearl District – FREE, not as crowded as downtown riverwalk, good security, waterfall, ducks, lots of plants, cool looking pearl plant and new hotel skyline background.
Brackenridge Park – lots of cool areas, lots of trees, FREE (near Japanese Tea Garden)
Gruene Hall area – North end of New Braunfels around Gruene Hall. Barn type buildings, country atmosphere, flowers, etc.
Landa Park – New Braunfels – FREE – Large park area around the Wurstfest area and Schlitterbahn. Mill pond, river, old train
Hemisfair Park – Great skyline
San Fernando Cathedral – Main Plaza downtown. Across from Bexar County Courthouse.

Pinterest Ideas

Many of you are Pinterest fans, and I am too. Not all photographers are keen on getting ideas from Pinterest, but I certainly am.  Here is my Pinterest page. You can follow my pins, and I hope you’ll put together some idea boards of your own, and will share them with me.  Together, we’ll create some artistic Bridal Portraits.

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