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Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Choosing a Wedding Photographer 10 Tips you won’t hear anywhere else! By Richard Spears © 2012 Okay, I lied. You might hear some of these in other places. I think that one person wrote a list of tips for planning a wedding years ago, and the list has been reprinted ad nauseum by every magazine… Read More

Quinceanera Portrait Session – Japanese Tea Garden

Quinceanera Portrait at Japanese Tea Garden In addition to sharing some pictures of Alyssa’s portrait session, this is a bit of a rant against a popular photography location in San Antonio. The Japanese Tea Garden is usually crowded with photographers, brides, seniors, and just about anyone who wants a lush green background for portraits. Huge… Read More

Bridal Portraits in Floresville

Had a great bridal session in Floresville with Lanissa. I wish I could post some of the gorgeous pictures. We were WAAAY out in the boonies. I forgot how far away Floresville is, and then went a little farther to the most beautiful garden I’ve ever seen.

Here I Go Again

I told myself that I wouldn’t do anything again with a WordPress site. 3 years ago when I put together my first photography website, I struggled with WP, and finally chunked it. Hated it. I’ve been doing my blog on “Blogger” which I’ll probably continue to use as my main blog. This is for a new domain name that I bought, and wanted to try some different SEO tactics. We’ll see if I hate this as much as I did back then.