Bridesmaid Discount

Yesterday was an amazing day. People who know me know that EVERY day is amazing and a blessing, but yesterday was special for a few reasons. I had a wedding consultation with a potential client who knew me because I had photographed a wedding in October of 2018 where she was a bridesmaid.

She said that she watched me work, and that when I published the wedding gallery, she loved the composite that I had done at the request of the bride, to make it look like the wedding party was being chased by a dinosaur. We had a lot of fun setting up the shot. I’m pretending to be a movie director shouting at the wedding party “Now look up… it’s super scary! Look terrified! The monster is right above you! Everybody look scared! Run!”

It’s even funnier when you add to the mix that some of the wedding party had been consuming adult beverages during the day. But it was fun. I always have fun at weddings. That’s why I do it, and why I’ve continued photographing weddings for almost 14 years in South Texas.

She loved the dinosaur pic, and told me that she made the decision that when she decided to marry, this crazy photographer would be the one she would call. I was humbled and proud. I told my wife Judi that I might not be able to get my head in the door when I came home. I get a lot of wedding business like this. My brides will refer people to me, and sometimes I get a call when the bride’s sister becomes engaged.

I’ve always offered a discount to anyone who books me for a wedding who was part of another wedding where I was the photographer. Whether you were a bridesmaid, or the flower girl. One client that booked me for her wedding had been an officiant at a wedding I photographed. So spread the word. I’ll discount your wedding photography by $200 if I’ve photographed you in the past.

I hope your wedding is safe from dinosaurs, but in case it isn’t… call me.

R Spears Photography wedding dinosaur