Get Out Of My Head Whataburger

My Foil Hat

I’m a little worried about Whataburger. Apparently, they have figured out a way into my parietal lobe of my brain and figured out what makes me salivate like a starving Great Dane. I heard a commercial on the radio the other day that they were introducing a new burger: The “Chorizo Burger” Suddenly, my knees went weak, I began to slobber uncontrollably, and my hand reached to my wallet, ready to give them money… whatever it would take. If it had cost $200 I would have figured out a way to get one. Meth addicts have nothing on me.


There may be some yankees out there who are thinking “What the heck is ‘Chorizo’?” Chorizo is a delicious mexican sausage, with very aromatic spices, and a tinge of hot spice. Most people here in South Texas are used to cooking chorizo with eggs for breakfast tacos. I’d never heard of anyone putting chorizo on a burger. Since I consider myself a connoisseur of gourmet burgers and TexMex food, I had to try a Chorizo Burger at the official burger joint of Texas: Whataburger. When I walked in Whataburger, there on the wall was a picture and a description. “perfectly-seasoned chorizo between two all-beef patties, topped them with two slices of Monterey Jack Cheese, grilled peppers and onions and our specially-made Creamy Chili Sauce for a bold flavor with just the right amount of spice” For those of you who like things spicy (like me) I always add some grilled jalapeno peppers to my burger. If you don’t specify “grilled” they will use pickled jalapeno peppers. Grilled peppers are fresh, and grilled to perfection.  When I told the clerk to add grilled jalapenos, he looked worried. “Are you sure? That’s going to be pretty spicy hot” I assured him that I can handle it.

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Whataburger’s CHORIZO burger

The Arrival

When it arrived it looked just like the picture. It was perfect, from the toasted buns, to the colorful sauce dripping off. It was delicious. I almost expected it to have sort of a bland chorizo flavor. Nope, it was PURO Mexican Chorizo. Slightly spicy, and full of flavor. Even the grilled peppers had a little zing to them. For those of you who are new to Chorizo, it tends to be a little greasy. This is no exception. You’ll need some extra napkins. I was in heaven, and my lips were actually tingling a little from the spice and peppers. It’s a big burger, double meat patties, so have a good appetite.

For those who are looking at me funny, no, this burger is not on my approved foods for my diet. It’s okay, I’ve been good all week long. I deserved this. Thank you Whataburger. Now get out of my head.

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