Review: FBOMB

If you’re on the Ketogenic diet, or KETO, you’ve probably heard about the new product called F-Bomb Nut Butter. I saw a TV ad a few days ago, so when I saw it on the shelf at a local grocery store in South Texas (HEB), I thought I’d give it a try.

For those who don’t know about the KETO diet, there is not enough space here to educate you quickly, but suffice to say that when you are eating healthy on the KETO diet, a big part of that is consuming healthy fat. I know,… it sounds funny doesn’t it? All our life, the government and the schools taught us that fat is bad for us. I’m here to tell you that I’ve gotten healthier, and lost weight consuming a lot of butter, bacon, and fat.

In fact, for some of us on KETO, it’s been hard to get our daily percentage of fats. I usually end up eating an avocado and putting some butter on everything to get my daily supply of fat. Now, along comes FBombs.

It was a long time before I could say “Nut Butter” without laughing from the 12 year old boy that lives in my brain since I was 12. But that’s essentially what this is. Imagine macadamia nuts, mixed with pecans, and ground up with organic butter. Sound delicious? Yes it is.

So on the taste level, I’d score this around a 9 or 10. It has a naturally sweet flavor, and best of all, there are no chemicals, no artificial sweetners, and none of that stuff you can’t pronounce. Simple ingredients and it fills you up. If you have a craving for something sweet, this will take care of it, and you’ll feel full and satisfied. I consumed this around 10:00 AM when I sometimes get hungry before the lunch break, and it was filling.

The only thing negative that I can say about this was my own fault. When I tore the top of the package open, I wasn’t sure what the consistency would be. I think I expected more of a paste or something similar to peanut butter. It is more liquid that I expected, and when I pressed on the package a little, a big blob of buttery deliciousness spurted out of the top of the package.

(My inner 12 year old is giggling again… shuddap!) So I learned to put my mouth on the top part, and then squeeze the package. Delicous. The cost of a single packet where I’m at in South Texas was $2.49. If you think of it like a snack, it’s a little pricey, but I think I’ll be using some of these instead of a meal, which makes it pretty cheap. If your local supermarket doesn’t have it, you can find it at Walmart, or online at