Review – Atkins Meatloaf

deceptive diet Atkins meatloafA Little Deceptive

As a photographer, I’m visual minded.  When I started my diet, I had to go to the store to pick out some sensible low calorie, high protein items for dinners. I had already gotten some little steaks, some chicken breast filets, and some tilapia.  I was going through the frozen dinner section at my grocery store, and I saw the Atkins brand.  Many years ago, I lost weight with the Atkins plan, from just reading the book.  Then I saw the cover. I applaud the marketing people and photographer on the cover picture. Regardless of the taste, value, etc, what you get in the box is NOT what is pictured on the cover.

The size and the shape of the meat patty is about right, once you factor in that it was probably photographed on a teacup plate. It’s about the size of a McDonalds hamburger patty. The biggest deception is the mushrooms and the big chunky vegetables. What you get in the box is small crumbles of mushrooms and pieces of cauliflower. The little crumbles are about the size of a single piece of Cheerios cereal.


Overall, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.  The taste was very meaty flavored. It reminded me of the much older Swanson Salisbury Steak dinner. I suspect that it might just be the same Salisbury Steak made by Swanson, and re-packaged with the Atkins brand. Yes, the box says meatloaf, but nothing about this product was meatloaf. It’s a meat patty with some brown gravy and some little crumbles of mushrooms and veggies.


As you can see from the box, the numbers are pretty good.  320 Calories are a little higher than what I was really wanting, but I can deal with that number. The Net Carbs and Protein are great. My supermarket sold this dinner for $3.78 which isn’t bad, but I still felt a little ripped off from the deceptive cover.

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