Review – Kahiki Chicken Pad Thai


San Antonio Wedding Photographer does not like this product
I want you to think of this as my Public Service Announcement. It could really save someone’s life. That’s why I post this stuff. That’s how I roll, and that’s the kind of guy I am. Before I get fully into the Review, let me preface by saying that my wife works nights, so many times my son and I will have a frozen meal instead of cooking from scratch. In our situation, it just works. My wife knows that I love Thai food. I experienced real Thai food for the first time in Amarillo Texas of all places. It was owned by a Thai family, and I remember the first time I went there, they asked me if I liked spicy food, and I said “Hell Yeah!” or something equally confident. They brought out several plates of the yummiest food I’ve ever had. Also some of the spiciest and hottest food I’ve ever had. I loved it.
So my wife, saw this product at the store, and figured I should try it. I heated it up in the microwave, and gave it an honest try. It’s Pad Thai, one of the most popular Thai dishes among Caucasian Americans. Real Pad Thai has rice noodles, in a spicy peanut inspired sauce, usually with chicken or pork, green onions, bean sprouts, Thai chili’s and some other spices. After this came out of the microwave, I noticed… it has spaghetti noodles. Not Thai rice noodles…. spaghetti. Some sort of bland sauce, a LOT of bits of carrots, and some sort of flat, breaded chicken pieces with no flavor.
For those who don’t know me, or have never seen me, I’m a big guy who loves food. I very rarely have the urge to spit food out into the trash. This is one of those moments. This is horrible. The brand is Kahiki. I’d never heard of it. Their marketing on the box makes it sound like they mean well. “Kahiki has always been about more than just creating a meal.” Okay, I’d question the use of the word meal here, but…
“We carefully craft our own sauces. It’s why we select only simple, natural ingredients to bring out the true flavors of our Asian recipies” This is actually pretty clever marketing. Not once do they ever tell you that it tastes delicious. Kahiki Foods is based in Gahanna Ohio. You can reach them at This stuff is nasty. Oh, and one more thing, for those of you who are watching calorie intake, this thing weighs in at 510 calories and 1080mg of sodium. (That’s SALT for you folks in Rio Linda CA)