Cajun Healthy Choice Chicken & Shrimp

Cajun Not
cajun chicken and shrimp

Okay, one more diet food review. Writing makes me feel better about dieting. It’s not fun. It’s an evil necessity. I am down about 30 lbs so far, but I’ve got at least 30 more to go, so maybe this won’t be the last food review. I’ve been craving cajun food.

Let me start by saying that I didn’t even buy this.  My lovely wife Judi bought it for me, because as she’s famous for saying and implying, she knows better what I want than I do.  Not hardly.  She knew that I’ve been buying some frozen diet dinners for those days when I come home for lunch, and then for dinner when she’s at work. On her last trip to the store, she bought Healthy Choice Cajun Style Chicken & Shrimp. Okay, it sounds like something I’d like. I love Cajun food. I might have even tossed this in my basket, but I would have really raised an eyebrow at it.

Healthy Choice…. you failed. Your attempt at the Cajun dish was not even honorable. Cajun food is all about flavors, the blending of flavors and spices. This tastes like ketchup and rice and chicken. There are some green bits in there, which is probably green bell pepper. Cajun food begins with the Holy Trinity of onion, green pepper, and celery. This stuff tastes horrible. It looks nothing like the picture. It’s 220 calories.

If you are on a diet, and crave Cajun food, this will only piss you off more than you probably already are.  If you live in New Jersey, and you’ve never had Cajun food before, and see nothing wrong with ketchup and rice, you might really like this dish. It’s really only bad when I consider what my expectation was. I might forgive them if they remove the word “Cajun”, and just call it “Chicken, Shrimp, and ketchup rice”. A realistic photo would be nice for the honesty.