FB is a Virus

FB Disclaimer for Attorneys

I’m going to try and write this so that I don’t bring down the wrath of Zuckerberg’s attorneys. When I mention the initials FB, I am not making any accusations about the mega giant that I might call the BOOKFace.  Know what I mean? And I am not accusing the social media giant as being a harmful virus, but just wanted to bring honest facts to the light that you may not be aware of.

How is FB Free?

Is it a dirty little secret? Not a secret to the tech people I know, but to Joe Blow on the street, it may not be so obvious. Advertising. Yes, that’s the simple answer. “But I don’t see a LOT of ads when I go to Book Face” It’s the advertising that you DON’T see that is the problem.  I proved it to myself this morning. I use a utility program called SuperAntiSpyware.  It’s a great program for removing spyware, malware, and other weirdness that gets installed in your computer without you being aware. When you run SuperAntiSpyware, it runs a check on your system and reports on what it finds.  I ran it last night, and cleaned my system. This morning, I opened up BookFace in my browser, and just scanned a few posts.  Then I ran my SuperAntiSpyware again.

superantispyware vs FBIt found 245 “threats”.  What are the threats? Does this mean it found 245 viruses? Well, that depends on your definition of virus. It found 245 ‘cookies’ that were installed in your computer by BookFace advertisers. Some people call these cookies “Adware” but I prefer the description Spyware. Spyware is more accurate because that’s what it does.  It spies on your online activity.  Ever wonder how FB knows what you’ve been shopping for? If you go to a major website and start looking at boots, the next time  you open FB, you’ll see ads within the BookFace for boots. Is Zuckerberg psychic, and his software knows what you’ve been thinking about? Nope, it’s spyware. That cookie that it left in your system when you were shopping, reported back to FB that you were in the market for boots, and it found some boot companies that send money to BookFace, and there you go.

Companies Pay BookFace to Spy On YOU

I have a few friends that are a little on the paranoid side, so when I write things like that, they start looking up in the sky for the NSA black helicopters that they are convinced are also spying on them. The government has no real desire to spy on you, but BookFace does. That’s the dirty little secret. I was online with BookFace for about 3 minutes, and 245 little spyware cookies got installed in my Windows system registry.

SpyWare Cookies Are Harmful?

There’s probably no evil intent in these spyware cookies. They want to sell you something. A true virus is something that usually does damage to your computer. A Virus deletes files, or changes system information making it impossible to boot up, or can even format your hard drives. In that sense, the Spyware is not harmful. It has another effect though…. It’s not uncommon for me to find 200,000 ‘threats’ on a computer. The usual complaint is “my computer is slow, and it takes forever for Windows to boot up”. Yes, it takes time to load a quarter million cookies into your computer’s RAM memory. Here’s my advice to all of you who may be reading this: If you don’t already, get some anti-spyware utilities, and run them every day. Every time you turn on your computer, and every time AFTER you browse BookFace.