Where I live – Bulverde

I moved here in 2004 from Amarillo Texas. I had a U-Haul with my Harley Davidson motorcycle, my camera, and a few guns, arriving in Bulverde in 2004. Originally I moved into a luxury apartment complex on the North side of San Antonio. It was very nice, but the first thing I did was go for a ride and head for the Hill Country, and around the Canyon Lake and Guadalupe River area.

I fell in love with the area, and a few years later, I moved from the city into the country area of Bulverde. I had someone recently ask if I had any pictures of the countryside and iconic locations around Bulverde. I sadly shook my head “no”, but told myself that I would take my camera out on a Saturday and try to make some art with the locations around my little neck of the woods. I’m going to make some prints of these, and hang some in my office. Everywhere I went, the buildings were colorful and brilliant, but there was another voice that took me back in time…. in sepia tone.

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