Bossy People

We All Know a Bossy Person

Bossy Female
We all know that one person. The person who isn’t happy unless they are barking out orders to those around them. They are easy to spot in the workplace. They are quick to jump on employees who aren’t doing it right, and even if they are, they aren’t good enough to the Bossy Person. It becomes a problem, when the Bossy Person isn’t a boss at all.

When I’m not working as a busy San Antonio Wedding Photographer, I work in a law enforcement agency. Until just recently, we had a Bossy Person working within our department. He would show up at a police call and begin ordering the other officers what to do, and even worse, chastising them if they weren’t doing it right. He would yell at other officers in front of the general public. Again, the big problem is that he wasn’t a supervisor at all. He was the same rank as all the other officers. As you have probably guessed, these people are not popular at work. Since his departure, there has been much rejoicing.

Julius Caesar

Caesar was stabbed to death by his co-workers because he was “ambitious”, which in the time of William Shakespeare meant that Caesar had an ‘Insane lust for power and control’. He was bossy. People who are bossy at work, are the same way when they get home. The craving for power and control is very addicting, and very common among people who have addictive personalities. It is not unusual that these people have drug or alcohol addictions.

Why Are They That Way?

Daniel Bochner, Ph.D says “There are three primary patterns that lead to the development of a need for power and control, and there is tremendous overlap between the three. The first is the experience of being dominated as a child, and the observation that becoming dominant is the only solution for overcoming a feeling of extreme submission. The second is the child who tries desperately to please a difficult to please parent with perfection in all they do, but who never feels they have actually succeeded in pleasing that parent, so in their perfectionism and efforts to please when they become adults, they require that everyone around them be perfect, too. The third is a type that is born with so much intensity that they naturally become aggressive when displeased and then never get their intensity under control because it feels so good when others give in.” quoted from Dr. Bochner’s article “Power and Control Addiction”.

What Can You Do?

Sadly, not much at all. These people who crave power and control, these Bossy People, do not believe they are bossy at all. ┬áIn their mind, they are just trying to help people be better. When they meet resistance to their authority, they assume the person is just jealous, or can’t handle some criticism. If they have not been promoted in the workplace, they will eventually become irate and quit. If they have been promoted, the company may never get rid of them. A wise man once told me “Never promote someone to a supervisor who really wants the job” In the army, there is a saying that a person will be promoted to the highest level of their incompetence.

Why Does A Photographer Write Blogs Like This?

Because sometimes I run out of topics related to photography. It is what it is.