With R Spears Photography, you get a drama free, mature photographer who understands wedding photography. I’m the author of a successful book about Wedding Photography. I’ve got over 10 years experience. I’m the fastest editor in the San Antonio area. You’ll have your images within 7 days of the wedding. Not 4-6 weeks like the other guys. I’m not bragging, I’m applying for a job. I want to be your wedding photographer



  • 4 Hours
  • Images on USB flashdrive
  • One Photographer
  • No Prints
  • Online Gallery




  • Up to 8 HRS
  • One Photographer
  • Bridal Session
  • 16×20 large print
  • Images on Flashdrive




  • Engagement & Bridal Session
  • Two Photographers
  • 10 hours
  • 16×20 large print
  • 12×12 Storybook Album


Some photographers call it “The investment”, but at the end of the day, it’s just pricing, isn’t it? A lot of photographers are a little shy about talking about money on their website. Not us. I know that when I am looking for a service on the internet, I want to see upfront what it is going to cost. Every couple knows what they have budgeted for photography. Why do some photographers want you to fall in love with their work, schedule a meeting, only to find that the photographer is several thousand dollars higher than you can afford?

That’s now how I do things. I’m flexible on the packages I offer. If you are only wanting photography coverage for a four hour intimate wedding on the riverwalk, that’s how we will price it.


Early Bird:  Take $200 off when you book a year in advance (Gold and Black Tie Only)

Paid in FULL: Take another $200 off when you pay in full (Gold and Black Tie Only)

First Responder: 50% Off ¬†(Gold and Black Tie Only, can’t combine other discounts)